We currently offer four plans for using space at Ghost Kitchen

Low-Use Operators – 10 hours per month – $400($40.00/hr). Hours over 10 billed at $40.00 per hour.

Off-Premise Operators – 50 hours per month – $1200($24.00/hr). Hours over 50 billed at $24.00 per hour.

Ghost Restaurants – 120 hours per month – $1920($16.00/hr). Hours over 120 billed at $16.00 per hour.

Full Time Users – 180 hours per month – $2,340($13.00/hr). Hours over 180 billed at $13.00 per hour.

Parking for food trucks is $195.00 per month, with an additional $195.00 per month if hookups are needed.

Additional storage is available in locked and unlock shelves, and sold by the shelf.

Cooler storage is $17.00 per foot

Freezer storage is $19.00 per foot

Dry storage is $42 per foot, floor to ceiling

Lockable rolling cages in any area are $240 per month

Outside shed storage is $30 per square foot

Note that we require a monthly minimum spend of $500 for members. Plan hours, extra hours, parking and storage all contribute to this minimum.

We also offer catering equipment for rental such as Cambros and Chaffing dishes.